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AA missiles deal too little hull damage to helicopters.
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Right now the AA missiles do a very good (and realistic) job of rendering a helicopter inoperable; depending on where they hit, the rotors, engine, instruments etc. can be damaged beyond use, leaving the helicopter to sail to the ground, however the hull, and therefor for the most part, the pilots, take little damage. Right now it takes what I feel to be an unrealistic amount of missiles to deal 100% damage to heavier helicopters (basically all of them except the PO-30 and AH-9) and thus kill the pilots/occupants. It just gets ridiculous after being hit by 6 Titan AA missiles and your helicopter hasn't taken 100% damage and killed the occupants.


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Place yourself as the pilot in a helicopter, special: flying, put the flyinheight to around 500.

Place 3 to 4 enemy AA specialists on the map facing you, make sure they have a line of sight and are in a position to target and shoot you.

Preview the mission.

Hover there as you are repeatedly pelted by AA missiles, still alive wondering why you're not dead after the first few AA missiles hit you.

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Things don't need to burst into flames like Hollywood. I find, more then one AA missile kills the occupants of the helicopter pretty easily.

Based on your feedback, I've decided to edit this ticket to ask for the missiles to do more hull damage, because what I've found is, unless you're in an AH-9 or PO-30, it takes 5-8 missiles to kill you while you're in the air, which seems to be a bit much.

Something needs to be fixed, when I shoot a helicopter I should get credit for the kills, not gravity lol