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NATO should have the Strider from E3
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If you watch the old demo from E3, NATO had a version of the Strider in operation. It was merely a retextured version of the current AAF one. There is no reason we should not have it in Arma 3! In real life, if NATO wouldn't restrict themselves to one type of vehicle. It would probably take two minutes to add it in to the units for editing and it would be absolutely awesome. Same with the OPFOR version of the Hunter, but I guess it's not totally needed. {F22679} {F22680} {F22681}


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Why? NATO doesn't need 2 vehicles that are almost the same thing.

Not to mention *spoiler alert* the AAF are hostile towards NATO.

i dont think it should be a spoiler alert as the AAF turn hostile after...... 5-10 minutes of the ingame story

I'm pretty sure you can retexture these vehicles yourselves with some scripts anyways.

I'm talking in addition to the Hunter, as an extra addon for missions. Respect your guys' opinion though!