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Feature request: Add the option to completely disable the weird sliding shoreline water effect that creeps up hills (see videos)
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Please add the option to completely disable the weird shoreline effect that creeps up hills. It's exactly the same as ARMA 2
I'd prefer it if the water just simply met the land for now until a more acceptable solution is created.

See videos... {F22674} {F22675} {F22676}


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I think maybe this is a bug more than a feature. I guess the waves really push that water up high then?

StJimmy added a subscriber: StJimmy.May 7 2016, 5:18 PM

This would probably fix those pics that I uploaded.

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Koala added a comment.Nov 5 2013, 8:35 AM

related to


It is a separate piece of geometry to the actual water and it acts like a border where the water meets the land. It's just VERY badly done.
This is one of the reasons that I don't like to create missions near water.

Another reason is that the sound of the water isn't positional, it's inside the players head just like all the other ambient sounds which move and rotate with the player :-s
But that's another issue completely.

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This is a bug. /Upvoted.

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I have creat a topic for this kind of problem also :


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Peter added a comment.Nov 20 2013, 7:46 PM

Engine limitation I guess...

Every piece of water on the island has this extra piece of geometry around the edge.
It is just a non animated texture that slides across the land around all water, even inland bodies of water :-s
It simply needs deleting leaving the water that has actual depth.

There's a reason we have "sea level." that's where the water stays, it shouldn't be going up like this. Upvoted.

It'll be fixed when the Expansion comes out, in fact, is already fixed on their special build, along with a handful of new water related improvements. But I'll up Vote this.

Sounds great!
Thanks for the info, I'll take a look at that :-)