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Adams AI is glitched
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When we go to our first firefight in the game, the AI takes every hit the Greenforce does to Adams as a kill, therefore, the AI registers it as a KIA and pass you to command his squad. However, he is not dead, so you end up controlling him, this ends up by breaking the game itself.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive

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Unable to repro.
Could you write some step to reproduce?
Thank you.

there is no steps.

not even the dev branch, however, i am gonna reproduce this with no mods (i have light mods like resting weapons mod and the realistic firefights addons) and see if this is happening again.

This sounds similar to my experience. Started the campaign, and reached the point where we headed back to our starting camp on foot, and encountered our first enemy patrol. I don't know if Adams took any hits in that fight, but I stopped to loot bodies; I think Adams headed off to the next waypoint. When I got there, Adams did nothing, and I seemed to now be in charge of our fireteam (the two of us). I was able to proceed through the rest of the chapter by repeatedly telling Adams "proceed to next waypoint" and then following him.

Please close this ticket, i dont know if it was the vanilla game i was using or the hotfix, but this problem is not happening anymore (still hating the showcase infantry/death valley mission because you really see how fucking unfair the AI can get)

Closed on request from reporter.