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Inventory (and probably Weapon Pool) inconsistence while going from one mission to the next one
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[EDIT] In some missions you are put from the briefing directly to combat, therefore you are unable to select / change your gear, on the other side you are starting the mission with weapon that is not in the armory (MXSW when attacking Mike-26 and MXM in the last mission - where you can enter the armory)

Also it is true that some items are not saved or are placed somewhere else than those 3 boxes in armory. For example PCML I brought is not there, but ammo for it is there. Also there is no option to take a bag even when you bring it from a mission.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go through the whole campaign.

Additional Information

Player has hard-defined weapon on start of the mission but he has plenty of options to switch weapon in previous mission from corpses (his commanders MX/GL/optics, marksmen rifle / MK200 machinegun / default green army rifle).

I recognized this as I had MX/GL when I enter Maxwell but on the beginning of the next mission although it is supposed to take place immediately after the briefing, I had MX without any addition in my hand. Therefore I presume the weapon in hand is not related to the previous mission even when it should be.

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The briefings/hints/whatever tell you that after picking your loadout, it may still be adjusted to fit the mission.

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it's your choice,sim decides what's best for each mission but you can change it no problem.

You can take weapons and accessories from boxes in armory. There are your weapons from previous mission.

astaroth, but items are not saved. I took a GPS from enemies in almost each mission and NVGs in some, but they weren't saved.

But they showed up in the armory, didn't they?