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"triggerAttachObject" is broken
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What does this command do? It suppose to make trigger watch static object with known ID. For example to watch a building and detect when it was destroyed. If this is set in the editor and trigger is grouped with static object its activation is changed to "STATIC" and it works as intended. If this is done via script, activation is also chnges to "STATIC" however trigger fails to detect the object it was attached to completely.


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Run this on stratis

mybuilding = [0,0,0] nearestObject 67666;
tr1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", position mybuilding];
tr1 setTriggerArea [100,100,0,true];
tr1 triggerAttachObject 67666;
tr1 setTriggerStatements ["hintsilent str [this, typeOf mybuilding, triggerActivation tr1]; this","",""];

This will add 100 x 100 trigger to a military cargo post and should make it watch this object, yet 'this' returns false when detecting obviously "PRESENT" building.

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Can confirm this.

triggerAttachObject can group a trigger with a static building but it will never return true by checking the trigger statement, even the trigger's area covers the grouped building.

And what's more, unlike "triggerAttachedVehicle" which can check back the grouped vehicle, there's no command alone with "triggerAttachObject" to check the grouped object ID back.

So new command "triggerAttachedObject" is also needed.