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You can play campaign in your underwear with no weapon
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If you open inventory and relieve yourself of all the war burden, you can play through with no clothes or weapon. I haven't got to the p[art where you might need to shoot something but I'd imagine this will break few things.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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take off your clothes and weapon at the start.

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Its up to you. Its Arma, anything goes. Its a sandbox, anything goes. I think if you choose to drop your stuff then you shouldn't complain about it.

Have you even played the campaign? LOL sandbox my foot you funny guy. Try doing something that you havent been told to do - MISSION FAILED.

Arma is a sandbox, but I havnt played the campaign yet, I'm one of those who gets more pleasure from waiting for things than instant gratification. I will play it today.

Then you should wait before delivering your judgement too. As for sandbox, try to do anything that is not scripted and you will soon see what I mean.

No I shouldn't wait, I'm not going to drop my equipment, you are making a ticket for something you that you caused and only you can fix. Then complain about an upcoming event in the campaign that will "break" the game/campaign.
The game is a sandbox, the campaign is a set of missions needed to be completed in a sequence, as in "real life" if you deviated from your mission you would be court marshalled.

"this will break few things" Could you be more concrete please? Thank you.

Dear Johnnie, could you please look up the meaning of sandbox in a dictionary because I'm afraid you do not quite understand what it means. When I need to drive a truck and I drive past the chopper without waiting for it to take off - Mission failed. If I have to go to the checkpoint but decide to cut through the bushes instead of staying on the road - mission failed. In true sandbox you should be able to do all those things because the triggerpoint is checkpoint, it doesnt matter how I drive there as long as I get there.

Now taking clothes off should result in mission failed as well. Sorry @Astaroth, you can close this ticket I am done with it.

Closed on request from reporter.