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AI attacks empty mortar as long as the gunner is alive
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AI attacks empty mortar if this has fired upon it and keeps attacking the mortar even if the gunner has never been spotted and he's miles away. The engaging only stops when the mortar is destroyed or the gunner is dead.

It seems realistic that they may have heard the mortar firing and want to have their revenge on it, but why the empty mortar ceases to be a target when the gunner, whom they've never met, dies somewhere far away?


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. place player & empty mortar
  2. place enemy group ~200m away, without line of sight (i.e behind a hill)
  3. get in the mortar and fire at enemy with artillery computer
  4. get out and run
  5. observe enemy group to engage the empty mortar
  6. kill player and the shooting stops
Additional Information

I'm sorry, if this is a part of some bigger known issue or reported in different form on some other ticked, but I couldn't find anything resembling this.

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