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Option to disable thermal imagers in the settings Difficulty the game
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Good day ! At the moment there is no option to disable the thermal imagers for server administrators . The only way to create one :
while {true} do
if (currentVisionMode player == 2 ) then
/ / hint "Thermals are active";
cutText [" Thermal broken and does not work , go to the other modes of button N", "BLACK", -1];
waituntil {currentVisionMode player! = 2} ;
CutFadeOut 0 0 ;
} ;
sleep 1 ;
} ;
But it looks ugly and is not sufficient , thermal imagers are included when using the "PIP". The possibility of complete shutdown of thermal imagers is very important for servers that are held " serious games " on the complexity of the " expert ." Administrators and creators missions need a simple and reliable way to turn off all thermal imagers . Please add the ability to completely turn off all thermal imagers using the option in the settings of the level of difficulty.


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I'd suggest to extend disableTIEquipment to work on player:

player disableTIEquipment true;

Voted up. I disagree with sms; disableTIEquipment also disables the NV and better customisation is desirable