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AI do not release their parachutes if grouped with player when they touch down
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If you group AI soldiers to you and then get them to parachute - they fail to be released from their parachutes and instead on landing get dragged around indefinitely whilst still attached to their chutes. Whilst this is funny to watch it really needs fixing. {F22630}


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Given that we are now way past final release date this should have been fixed already - its a major bug! Come on Bohemia - you can't expect your users to fix your code.

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Was playing with para insertions and this happened. I tried to stop my unit by standing in front of him because I thought it might be a physics glitch and the parachute rammed and killed me.

In addition the AI players sink into the ground as they are dragged around by their parachutes. Note this only happens when AI is grouped to player as far as I can tell.

Hello Bohemia - anyone out there?

When is this issue going to get fixed - it's a serious issue so why has it not even been looked at yet? It completely breaks the game and any mission you are making. And sure I could find a work around - but why should I have to?

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"why has it not even been looked at yet?"

Status: reviewed

What is there to debate about this? Status 'reviewed' is like saying we looked at it and decided it's not a bug it's a feature!

"Reviewed" means that a moderator saw it and is going to pass it on to the devs if he/she thinks it's necessary.

Ok so basically who cares if this breaks the game.

this had fixed itself once and seems to have broken again. there was a period recently where this wasn't an issue anymore.

confirmed today in dev branch - tested with a rifle squad, when im group leader none will release their parachutes once on the ground (they will float to my MoveTo commands tho), and only release their parachutes if i murder a couple, then they drop them immediately to kill me.

if i place my self as a subordinate, the rest of the group dies instantly upon parachute deployment.

this simulation does seem quite finicky


oh, and please do try to remember you're competing against 6000 other tickets - they do infact care.