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*EDITED* Horrible Lighting glitch in second part of the "Survive" Episode
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I was playing the second part of Survive, (sorry, do not remember the name,)and I reached the part where you linked up with the men at the old outpost, somewhat south of Air Station Mike-B6, I think it is called that, and a horrible lighting glitch happened. I started to follow the men, and the area around me went dark like a shadow was cast, but all on the ground and around me were polygons of light, and this problem slowed the game down very much. The only time these weird polygons were not seen was when I looked directly into the sun. Any way to fix this? {F22617}


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
Steps To Reproduce

Yes, I can reproduce it. Here is what you should do

  1. Reach the NATO soldiers at the Old Outpost during the second part of the episode known as Survive.
  1. Go down the hill with the men.
  1. Look at what happens, it really lags your game!
  1. Look into the sun, you will notice that dark shadow like ground disappears, and the polygons of light do as well.
Additional Information

This is not the only glitch I get, I also get glitched were when I zoom in, I see a unit's texture fill my view, and that lags my game as well. Any insight on that bug?

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Hey Sgt Andrew!

Thank you for the report!

Can you reproduce this issue or did it only happen once?

Do you have any additional info that could help us find and reproduce this issue - e.g. in-game video settings, global graphic card preferences (especially any overriding the in-game settings), dxdiag, Rpt&Mdmp.

Thank you!

I thought adding the steps on how to reproduce it would count as saying, "yes I can reproduce it." I did not have any mods installed at the time, nor did I do anything to override the game in any way. I was playing the game in strict vanilla state, with low to medium graphic settings.

Hope this helps. The picture is the only one I got, I can try to take more if needed.

oukej added a comment.Nov 11 2013, 2:57 PM

Thank you, but we'll need more specific data to try to reproduce the error on our side. Could you please list exactly what settings you have (or provide Arma3.cfg & *.Arma3Profile from Documents/Arma 3 folder) and provide DxDiag with your HW specifications?

Thank you!

Never mind, It all of the sudden stopped happening. You can delete this, or close it or whatever you do when the problem has gone away.