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Pilot unable to leave a Buzzard that is static on the ground but with gear up
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Currently, if a pilot lands on the ground safely with the Buzzard, without taking any visible damage, he will be unable to leave the vehicle and also unable to take off again because the vehicle will take critical damage while attempting to take off. {F22613}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the attached repro mission, do not touch the controls
  2. When you are teleported to the ground, wait until the engine is turned off
  3. Attempt to leave with the "Get out" or "Eject" options
Additional Information

If you somehow gain any amount of speed, you are able to eject. But not when you are static.

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I have noticed this too. It is unbelievably annoying because if you have managed to crash land without dying, you are stuck in your jet. PLEASE fix this, it can't be very difficult.

Still present. Updated the repro mission so that you don't have to manually turn the engine off.