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The loader is missing from the Merkava/ M2A1 Slammer.
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Back in the beta, we were missing the commander seat but that was resolved. Now we are missing the loader position in the M2A1 Slamer/ Merkava.


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Autoloaders, anyone?

The Merkava has a loader in real life.

Well, the one in the game has an autoloader.

Besides, it's not the Merkava in the game, it's the M2A1 Slammer.

Give BIS some creative freedom, people.

The lack of a loader seems more to be a lack of time/ resources thing. Russian tanks feature auto loaders but all version of the Merkava including the Mark 4 version we have in game do not feature an auto loader.

M2A1 Slammer is just a designation, AD. Like M249 or M16, which are actually FN Minimi and AR-15, respectively.

M2A1 Slammer is a copy Merkava Mark IV.

ProGamer is right, missing one crew member because, loader semi-automatically selects the ammunition type. This tank has four crew members.

Also missing shells like APAM ( only M2A1 Slammer has ammo HE) Slammer which is a version M2A4 "UP" dosen't have them. This should have a 120mm gun instead of 105mm like a Merkava 1 and 2.