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Units attack "ennemy" camouflage nets with grenades launchers
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If a unit has a grenade launcher and is near of a camouflage net ("Camouflage Net", "Camouflage Net (Open)" and "Camouflage Vehicle Cover"), he launches HE grenades on the net if :
-the net is "Camouflage Net (CSAT)", "Camouflage Net (Open) (CSAT)" or "Camouflage Vehicle Cover (CSAT)" and if the unit belongs to NATO
-the net is "Camouflage Net (NATO)", "Camouflage Net (Open) (NATO)" or "Camouflage Vehicle Cover (NATO)" and if the unit belongs to CSAT

It happens with the AAF nets too, depending of what faction they are friendly to.


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Put a BLUFOR grenadier, then a "Camouflage Net (CSAT)". The grenadier should not be in your group, and should not be too close of the net. He will launch grenades on the net.

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Resolved in dev.

Thanks for the information ;) But "not yet deployed", says the changelog.