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During play the game will freeze and become unterminatable
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While playing Arma 3, after a certain period of time (usually 10 to 30 minutes) the game will freeze and cease responding to any input. Using control alt delete can bring me to the task manager, but attempting to end arma 3 from the process menu fails to work, and arma is impossible to close and it is impossible to access any other applications on my computer while frozen, and i have to turn off my computer via holding down the power button in order to escape this situation.I am unable to play Arma 3 for more than 20 minutes or else i have to forcibly shut down my computer {F22595} {F22596}


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start up Arma, launch any Single Player mission, Editor, or Multiplayer mission
  2. Play
  3. Wait for crash
Additional Information

I've attached dxdiag and a bunch of recent report files in a RAR which i hope or assume are relevant

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Can i please get any help with this? I literally cannot play the game, and it frustrates me because i'd had it for a week without this problem and now i cant play

If it helps, It usually seems to occur when using the alt key to look around?

This happened to me today, 3 times, I had to power of my PC, not even CADelete worked.