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Unable to open UAV terminal
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In the mission to take Grishna, you are supposed to use the UAV to spot mortar spotters, however "open UAV terminal" option is not available. Even when assembling the UAV and picking up the terminal multiple times. This is propably because Kerry is not an UAV operator.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive

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Did you also take the UAV-terminal? Not only the Darter backpack...

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Was the terminal in your GPS slot, or elsewhere in your inventory (e.g. chest rig)?

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As i said i picked up the terminal multiple times. Is the terminal supposed to go in the gps slot?

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in the mission .pbo folder check this :

  • be sure the uav is not empty (that there is controlable AI in it)
  • be sure that the player uses the correct uav terminal to control his uav :

classname :

B_UavTerminal (blufor)
O_UavTerminal (opfor)
I_UavTerminal (independant)

blufor uav terminal can only control blufor uav, same goes for other factions.

Could you try this in editor? Add rifleman as player and UAV operator, kill him and take UAV terminal to your GPS slot and UAV operator backpack on your back. Thank you.

The issue was that the terminal was not in the GPS slot. Thank you for help.