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Blackfoot down! Team leader dies, gets replaced but no new waypoints are assigned
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During the final stage of the Campaign Mission "Blackfoot Down", my team leader got killed by a grenade thrown by the last autorifleman appearing just after I planted the explosives. Another AI got assigned as our team leader but only with a "move" waypoint assigned to him near the wreck (resulting in the team just standing around near the helicopter making it impossible for me to set off the charge as this would result in three friendlies dead). Had to restart from the last autosave, not a big deal... but still.

Loving the game so far. Keep up the good work!


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Did you get task "Plant the Charge"?

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Yes, and I completed it. But didn't set off the charge.

You dont't have waypoints then. You have only plant charge and then destroy helicopter wreck from safety distance. Mission should be finished after destroy wreck.

I will try and be a bit more clear about the specific sitation I encountered.

When I was assigned with the task of planting the charge, we were a four man strong team.

After the charge was planted, we started to retreat to a safe distance.

An addtional AAF autorifleman appears to the north, we engage him and the team leader is killed, we are down to three men.

After the AAF soldier is killed, a new team leader is assigned to our team, making us four man in total again. This new team leader is standing perhaps a 100m to our east when he is assigned.

The team leader and the rest of my squad try to link up somewhere halfway between us. When they have linked up and are in formation, they run back to the helicopter.

Setting off the charge at this point, would kill my entire squad. Yes it is possible and the mission would probably end, but not a very "realistic" scenario.

When I restarted the mission instead and killed the AAF autorifleman before my team leader was killed, my team could retreat to a safe distance, triggering the line "Ok, I think it is safe to set off the charge now" (Or something similiar to this, I can't check this at this point as I am at work).

I set off the charge and the mission is completed.

I'm having the exact same issue, except my squad leader died before I got the "plant charge" task. I plant the charge and then nothing. No matter what happens the medic just stands there (the medic is the team leader).

Had the same issue but I suspect the problem was that I placed the charge before I am told to. It did not matter if my squad leader was killed or not. I had to restart four times before I could finish the mission. Loading a saved game did not work for me. What I also see is that the guy who help the downed pilot is the person who is stuck and does not move when asked to move to a safe distance.

For me setting the charge before and after doesn't change anything. I still haven't been able to get past this mission, very frustrating. I've restarted it several times.

This is a knock-on effect of this same issue, which is now fixed: