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ACP-C2 .45 ACP 9 round magazine to match magazine weight and inventory icon of 16 round 9 mm magazine.
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The magazine weight and inventory icon differences of the 9 mm 16 round magazine and the .45 ACP 9 round magazine should be very similar in my eyes. I also find it quirky that currently in game the ACP magazines are equal in weight/inventory space to say the LLR magazine and I think the other rifle magazines as well. I think reduced weight and icon would benefit us .45 ACP enthusiasts. Please explain why you think this is flawed logic or ask if I confuse your sensibilities to clarify.
Thank you for your interest.


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Vote this down if you must. I would just like to read your reasoning. Debate with me.

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Goose added a comment.Nov 9 2013, 11:31 PM

Generic 9mm weight: 12.3 gm
Generic .45 ACP weight: 21.70 gm

9 x 21.70 = 195.3 gm
16 x 12.3 gm = 196.8 gm

The weight of 9 rnds .45 ACP and 16 rnds of 9mm should be similar, the weight of the magazines should be similar as well.

@Goose Thank you for the contribution.

Goose added a comment.Nov 11 2013, 5:32 PM

I think people might have voted it down without reading the details, at first glance the title appears like a request for a form of "balancing". Weight of magazines is very similar, so weight should be similar in game.

However, I checked config files and noticed the following:

Mass of 16Rnd_9x21_Mag = 6
Mass of 9Rnd_45ACP_Mag = 6

So apparently they are already functionally the same.