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Explosive charge does not do damage
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Recently I tried a user made scenario where you needed to blow up some CSAT SPG's and a radio antenna with explosive charges.
I set off about a 5 explosive charges as near as possible to the SPG's, but they didn't even seem to take damage, nothing happened to them. I finally destroyed them by shooting them with a Titan in the rear.
In another mission the task was to destroy a radio antenna (long pointy stick with some protrusions at the top) with explosives. Once again, I set off two explosives near the antennas base. Nothing happened, not even to the two Zamak trucks that were about 8 meters away from the explosives.
I then drove the Zamak trucks next to the antenna base and shot one of the trucks with a 40mm grenade launcher. It exploded and the Zamak next to it exploded, destroying the antenna in the process as well.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma3 in the latest dev branch (as of 21. october 2013)
  2. In the editor, place some vehicles from trucks to tanks around the player
  3. Place crates with explosives or select a class that carries explosive charges
  4. Preview mission, grab some explosive charges and set them near vehicles.
  5. Set off the explosives
  6. Observe lack of damage to vehicles and surroundings
Additional Information

Did not manage to test explosive charge damage against infantry yet, or if it indeed does no damage to vehicles, even tracks. But it sure should have exploded the trucks. A large, placed explosive charge should do more damage to a truck than a 40mm grenade.

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