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Using MP editor on stratis, sometimes mission doesn't get updated upon save
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I've noticed this sometimes. Earlier, I opened a fresh map in the MP editor and placed one ammo crate. Exported / saved to MP missions. Previewed the mission & the one crate. Went back into the editor, added more crates, saved / exported to mp missions, hit preview and the lone crate is still there. None of the newly placed objects are there.

I've deleted the old .pbo, in hopes it will atleast create a new updated pbo upon save. Still only one crate appears (from the first save), yet I've clearly placed several objects in the editor.


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The best part is when you're testing code and wondering why nothing is happening. Wondering why even debugging text doesn't appear...

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This has became a real pain in my ass. Is there any other tickets like this? I've searched and searched and found no similar tickets or even topics. While in the MP editor, I use saving=0 in the .ext. Lord knows I would never... ever... need to go back to a fucking saved "preview".

I'm not sure if that's what's conflicting, but other times it's been just fine and missions save with updated changes.