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Cant Exit any chooper after placing a Nato chooper in "Flying" mode in the editor
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Placed Every single NATO chopper (separately) in flying mode on the map with me as a pilot

landed , Turned off the engine and nothing I can't exit the chopper


the AI responds with a "Negative" response when I try telling them to exit the chopper


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Steps To Reproduce

I went to the upper left side if Altis if it matters

  1. Place a chopper in "Flying" Mode with you as the pilot
  2. land and try to exit the chopper (no such option in the Scrolling Menu)
  3. Tell you're fellow AI (chopper crew) to exit , they will respond negatively
Additional Information
  1. I didn't try as a soldier on board the chopper
  2. I Didn't try as a co pliot
  3. this happened to me only recently im NOT on the dev Module but I did click it in Steam ,saw that it started downloading and changed my mind (and stopped it)

I did re-verify my files with steam just in case

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I'm unable to reproduce this with the repro steps given, can you provide more information?

Have you maybe accidentally locked the helicopter in the editor with the "Vehicle lock" option? This is the only way I can get the same results as you do.

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I don't know why that would happen since I just entered the editor , however I will check

in any case isn't that a bug on its own ? , why wont you be able to get out of a locked vehicle ?
it should only prevent you from going in shouldn't it ?

seems like its not happening again , might have been a locked vehicle than , my bad , please close this thread

No worries, glad we figured it out. :)

As for locking, locked vehicle isn't locked in a sense of "you have the key or not". It's a tool to prevent players or AI from entering or exiting vehicles, like if you wanted a player to use a certain vehicle for the duration of a mission and not allowing them to exit out of it or not allowing player/AI to use a certain vehicle you've placed, for example, decoration purposes or later use.