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Requesting shotgun-style ammo for main battle tanks.
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There exists today shotgun style ammo for MBTs for anti personnel applications.

I would simply like this to be added to arma. It seems like a relatively easy thing to do code wise. However, I also realise producing 300-500 pellets all with bullet penetration calculations could be difficult to process but given the number of AI I can have shooting at full auto it doesn't seem like it would be that much of an impact on performance.

It would be great for clearing buildings with tanks.


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It's called Canister Tank Cartridge, generally made of tungsten ball payload.

ACE 2 Mod added it for M1a1 Abrams in Arma 2.

I doubt this is relatively easy thing to do. If it was we would have had shotguns by now, but there seems to be some problem.

Now, there are shotguns in arma 3