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Vehicles too clean: Add clutter to them to simulate Military on campaign (Pictures inside).
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All of the vehicles provided in the game, especially the CSAT and NATO vehicles, are too clean and do not resemble the heavily trashed and random look vehicles on campaign would usually exhibit. Tarps covering ammunition boxes stored in the stowage bins on the back of turrets, sandbags placed next to optics to protect them from sniper fire, Binoculars velcro-taped to the turret roof next to the commanders hatch as a backup, things like that. Below I provide a list to serve as inspiration to the team.

This is not an immediate request, but I hope that as the game expands we will see more variants of existing vehicles, making them look more randomized and trashed. The FIA trucks already approximate this with their hidden selections. Please give all military vehicles such a feature, so that no two tanks in a formation look alike.


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Examples of changes made to vehicles on campaign:

Additional tow-ropes attached to turret sides, coiled around hatches or bolted on top of track guards.

Replacement track links attached to turret, track guards, side skirts or frontal glacis.

Sandbags piled against the sides and top of fixed gunners optics to protect them against shrapnel and sniper fire.

Personal kit attached to turret roof, turret stowage bins, jackets, backpacks, helmets, spare radio antennas and component containers.

Spare ammunition containers (MG).

Damaged sideskirts, reactive armor plates, fuel and oil splotches around engine hatches and fuel tank caps, damaged external barrel jackets, missing exhaust covers, etc.

Tarps and tarpaulins, camouflage nets, pieces of cloth tied over parts to reduce glare or protect damaged wiring,

Additional Information

Example one: T-72 in Syria

Features: Sandbags on top of turret to protect optical devices, ad-hoc armor fencing against RPG's, damaged sideskirts and missing reactive armor bricks, discoloured barrel jacket, missing AA MG on turret

Example two: T-72 in Syria (bad pic quality)

Features: damaged sideskirts and fully missing sideskirt parts, ad-hoc application of reactive armor bricks, tape peeling off main gun barrel, misarranged reactive armor, missing AA MG on turret

Example three: Merkavas in Israel (Model errors reported elsewhere.)

Fighting equipment attached to the back of the tanks next to exit hatch, additional towing equipment mounted on sideskirts, replacement track links mounted to the sides on the rear of the turret, HMG mounted over main gun and cowitnessed with it

Example four: Training Merkava, still a decent example and merkava on the move:

Tarp drawn over stowage bin on the rear of the turret, additional towing rope wrapped over the front glacis of tank, towing chains attached to rear and front of the vehicle.

Example five: M1 in Iraq

Spare track links attached to sides of turret, towing gear, tarps and various personal gear strapped to the side and the top of the turret. Spare ammo containers mounted to top of turret.

Note that the problem does not only apply to the Tanks, but to all combat vehicles ingame. Especially vehicles like the AMV-7 and T-100 look sterile at this moment.

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Its a good idea, I'm voting up but to make each tank individual...hmmm. we still need the new looking ones. Probably a mod job.

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