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Arma 3 not correctly working on the Windows 8.1 OS
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When you start Arma 3 under the Windows 8.1 Update, the game starts normally but everything is red and an error message says: "Not correctly rendering objects"


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i highly doubt this is because of the OS, but let me ask you something:

was this working with another OS? because it may just be your hardware

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My hardware is working with no issues! This problem appeared after I installed the Update to windows 8.1 Pro!
It says that arma 3 is not rendering objects correctly

I have experienced almost exactly the same issue after updating to 8.1, however I don't get any error messages.
All display is red, some parts almost look like an attempt at old school red/blue 3d.
The display doesn't look right in the menus but is completely unusable in game.
I am currently reinstalling to see if this helps...

Clean install gives no improvement, I do get an error message similiar to what Dr Death reported but only when playing fullscreen.
My Error message reads:
"Ärma 3
Rating: Not recommended
Some objects render at wrong depth. Some Objects render incorrectly."

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If you have Nvidia graphic card, so then just disable at NVIDIA Control Panel at Task "Stereoscopic 3D" the stereoscopic 3D feature. It worked for me.

I play with 8.1 since technet release and no problems here... Maybe some files are corrupted or some driver fail..

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what I reported?.......

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While I don't get an error message, Alpha 3 looks like this now:

Map is orange, static sounds coming out of my speakers, etc.
(The bad looking taxi and runway light orbs are not caused by the update, they look like this already for a long time)

It's the only game with problems after updating to 8.1

Edit: I didn't read Foremans post, disabling the stereoscopic 3D feature fixed it.

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disabling "Stereoscopic 3D" as Foreman suggested worked for me.
Looks like that option is enabled by default in windows 8.1. weird.

i can't open arma 3 with the Windows 8.1 too its the same issue and i use and intel hd 4000 plz somebody help me solve this problem....

Maybe it's because your graphics card can't handle Arma 3?

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cant people just read the comments for the solution?

i could play it when i used Windows 8 in the lowest settings but i could and in intel hd graphics' driver there isn't any options to turn stereoscopic 3d off.

plz help me solve this problem...

Apologies Dr Death, I was writing that at silly o'clock in the morning!
Foreman's fix of disabling sterescopic 3d in the Nvidia settings worked perfectly for me too, case closed!

and what about me what should i do? reinstall Windows 8 ??

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Rec. please open your eyes and read the comments, there is a fix there.

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