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Ladder animation missing
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I think it's totally improper to have a soldier get out of the ladder only when he's completely standing.
As you see this means climbing on an invisible ladder after his hands are out of it.

Perhaps the soldier should start in ducked position (and rifle stowed away) when climbing phase is complete.

Didn't find this, I am surprised it hadn't been reported yet. {F22544}


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It's been reported like 20 times already. You wanna know why? Because the devs closed the original ticket. You wanna know why they closed it?

Quote from Vespa: "the entering and exiting issues cannot be handled properly because of AI - we tried making proper exiting, but then AI wasnt able to use ladders at all. So unless we find other solution in future, it will stay like this."


And you now know why it's like that. Are ya happy?

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Thanks AD, I didn't know that... at any rate it seems the AI can't even open doors. I've got many of them stuck inside small huts and they can't get out whatever order I give...

Where did I mention doors?

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i hate how the shitty AI is an excuse for the lack of proper engine content