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Side attachments on Rahim clip through the rail cover and fingers
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The right side rail on Rahim 7.62mm has a rail cover. After attaching a laser pointer or a flashlight, the rail cover is still present and clips with the right side rail attachment.

The holding animation for Rahim also has fingers that clip through any side attachments present.

{F22538} {F22539} {F22540}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor > Stratis
  2. Place yourself as OPFOR > CSAT > Marksman
  3. Preview, pause the game
  4. Enter player addItem "acc_flashlight" into the debug console and execute.
  5. Attach the flashlight to Rahim
  6. Adjust stance to the left (CTRL+A)
  7. Observe that the right rail cover is still present, is clipping with the flashlight and the fingers are clipping the flashlight too
Additional Information

Potential solutions for the rail cover are either to remove it completely from the model or hide it when the pointer attachment is present.

Potential solutions for the fingers clipping could either be simply moving of the hand/fingers or since the weapon has a bottom rail, include some kind of a grip on it and use that for the hand placement.

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