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Rain follows player at high speed
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The new rain is awesome but it follows the player regardless of what speed he/she is going.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to the editor.
  2. Turn up rain all the way.
  3. Get in a vehicle and move as fast as you can.
  4. Notice the rain is still falling like it did when you were at a full stop.

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Rain doesn't follow the camera/player, but it falls so fast that it's not visible. It's more clear when rain is slowed down (could be done in config) but then the rain doesn't look very convincing (feels more like bullet time effect).

It falls downwards and the direction you are going when travel at high speed, unless your driving with the wind, that should not happen.

Easiest way to prove George_'s point is to enter the Splendid Camera and move around at 0.1 speed.

Yea, but when I'm flying a jet at full speed or a helicopter full speed, rain still falls like I'm walking on the ground.

Thanks for the fix! Though rain still follows the player when free falling.