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Bomb falling 1 meter will explode ...
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So ! If you are in a plane that is not flying , just in AirField , you'll drop a bomb it will explode? That makes no sense ... Also ! If you shoot a bomb it will no explode that makes no sense again ... Fix this Bohemia :3


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...Why should a GBU explode if you fire at it..?

Wouldn't the bomb have to be armed and have systems to prevent accidental detonation?

Your first suggestion/report is debatable. Will a GBU explode if it's armed and dropped from 1 meter? To be honest, I don't know. But what matters is "should it be droppable in the first place". There are safety features that prevent stuff like dropping bombs (or firing any other weapons) while on the ground / below safe altitude.

I would vote up if the ticket would be about this only. This is one of the reasons why it is not a good practice to put more than one request/issue per ticket. Your second issue is in conflict with reality, and that's why I have to vote the ticket down as a whole.

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D: people you destroyed my day ... :3