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Add "lockInventory" and "lockedInventory" commands.
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Similar to the regular "lock" command, please consider adding the "lockInventory" and "lockedInventory" commands.
-> unit lockIventory Boolean
-> Boolean = lockedInventory unit

The idea behind those would be to disable the player from beeing able to access the contents of a Vehicle/Object.

This should work for all objects with a cargospace.

  • Vehicles
  • Ammoboxes
  • Weaponholders

Similar to the "lock" command, the effect should only be local which would make this a very useful command both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Missions where equipment is hard to come by or boxes have to be unlocked first (agreed, that part could also be realized by clearing/adding the contents)
  • personal lockboxes in MP (that do not rely on making a local copy of the box)
  • equipment caches or secured transport vehicles that are only accessible to one team
  • player blocked from picking up anything (for example when hes playing as a restrained hostage)
  • weaponholders as decoration – without people beeing able to pick them up or put more stuff into them
  • weaponholders as decoration – without cluttering the actionmenu

I do assume that this would be relatively simple to accomplish but has great benefit for missionmakers and scripters. Both for simplification and for realizing things that would not otherwise be possible.


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Related to/duplicate #0014755

Resolved with awhile ago with inventory EH that could be overridden.