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Game crashes with either arma3 stopped responding or the display driver stops working, crashing the game in the process.
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Well, last night i didn't have any problem with the game. I log on today and realize that I cant load in any missions without getting a crash. I attempt it a few times until the game finally lets me see the desktop again and i see a popup bubble saying the display driver crashed. I ask somebody in my clan about it and he says some of the obvious stuff (dump drivers, delete config files,download new drivers,etc). I do that, then it makes the problem worse. Now I can't even click a button on the main menu without either arma3 stopped responding or the display driver crashing, giving me one of 3 error messages:

DX11 error: buffer Map failed DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED



I also get a error ingame that possibly shouldn't be there...

Seems that it could be related to something thats being done to base classes for the GUI in the .rpt log.


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Steps To Reproduce

Seems it only happens once a certain amount of variables are met. May not be able to reproduce it exactly on the first try since your systems are different than mine.

1.Open the game

2.Try starting a mission (editor (single guy on map or not),single player, MP, doesn't matter which).

3.Watch the game lock up when the mission loads.

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It appears after a full game reinstall the problem has disappeared. Maybe that error i was getting ingame before the crash was related to something in one of the config files that got corrupted or something.

Ok, thank you for info.