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ai pilot unable to take tight (<1km) turns, taking excessive time to hit waypoints
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(See reproduction mission attached)
AI manned A-143 Buzzard is given 4 waypoints some 1km apart.

Observed behavior:
AI pilot starts turning in circles of 6km diameter trying to hit the first waypoint. Once the 1st waypoint is hit, the same process repeats.
See ai_buzzard_hits_waypoint_1.jpg, ai_buzzard_hits_waypoint_2.jpg.

Expected behavior:
AI pilot steers immediately towards the 1st waypoint (or steers away, followed by a sharp turn towards the 1st waypoint. See 'human_flown_buzzard_hits_all_4_waypoints.jpg' screen shot.
AI pilot uses (almost) maximum turn rate to hit waypoints.
AI behavior resembles that of a trained fighter pilot.
AI pilot looks ahead to next waypoint and attempts to fly a (Hermite) spline through waypoints. {F22509} {F22510} {F22511} {F22512}


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Steps To Reproduce

Load attached mission, start mission, switch to map view. The target waypoints are visible (as markers), and from 5s onwards, the plane movement is being plotted as markers by a trivial script running from init.sqf.

Additional Information

I've booked this as an AI issue, not a config issue because:

  • when I fly the plane, shorter turns are feasible
  • Arma2 has similar problems with AI pilots unable to hit waypoints with large planes, by not using the maximum turn rate or not counter-steering.

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Fixed as of beta 111995. Thanks.