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Make shadows setting server-enforceable
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It's the curse of the last games of the ArmА series . Dishonest players turn off shadows to gain an advantage. Stupid players do the same thing, to neutralize this advantage.

This setting should be fixed on the server. As well as terrain.


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Turn off the shadow and destroy all meaning of camouflage. And realistic render, ofcourse.

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Disabling the shadows has positive and negative aspects, there is no advantage.
Why do players turn off shadows:

  1. Shadow of the half objects like a stencil. Shadows of poor quality, even with it set to "ultra".
  2. The shadows are too dark, they lack transparency.
  3. Shadows greatly reduce productivity.

If these three reasons will be fixed, it will make sense to use the shade.

But without shadows render looks ugly. People turn it off only for one reason. Everything else is just an excuse to fraud.

The host should have the option to configure the server. And the players have to choose a server that suits them. Opportunities. Now it is the uncontrolled fraud and imbalance.

It is not related to fraud. The host server must not have the right to adjust my video settings, especially in the forest shadows consuming half the FPS. What kind of fraud you say? Fraud is a third-person, target lock key "TAB" and the scan button "SPACE". Do you think that I should be getting 20 FPS instead of 40 FPS because you think it's an advantage? I'm not against it, but only after the shadow stop consuming so much FPS. In addition, when the shadows are included in the game there are friezes.

Wake up. Shadows on High works faster then on Low because of soft-shadows. And shadows don't half you fps on the normal rig. Never.
And when they FIX shadows, you think something changes? Nothing. Because people like cheating. WINNERS. So. We need to asking this right now. I saw Arma3 tutorial on YouTube about video-settings and the guy say: "you need to turn off the shadows because you start to see enemy under the bush". It's not even funny.

You did not watched the video , the guy says, " if you turn off the shadows you will better see the enemy under the bushes . If you turn the shade you will find an enemy sooner than he you." In this video, the guy does not force anyone off the shadows, he explains the pros and cons of using the settings in the game with a demonstration of the impact of these adjustments on performance. You are seeing this video , neponyali what the author says, you have insulted the author in the comments , you have come here to create a ticket , but did not use the SEARCH ENGINE , right? These tickets already have :

Take it easy. You're talking a lot of nonsense. How do you even know what kind of video I watched? He say: "I recommend for multiplayer turn off the shadow because you find hostiles faster"

Sky - another side of this stupid medal.

The soldier who not only commands the shadows, but also destroy the clouds. Realism. Balance.

Funny, but shadows and sky is very low players in perfomance issue.

I believe that the ability to force the shadows on the server should be only after the optimization, you agree? And it is not nonsense, it is a serious problem.