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Ai do not taxi on Taxiways
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trying to make a small base attack mission and the jets (in hanger and out of hanger do not use taxi ways or any safe way of travel to the run way.. if there is a building or anything they will drive into it and just idle there indefinitely


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place a jet in or out of a hanger and make a way point somewhere.. as a side note i did both the multi- way point and a single "safe" way point in Arma 2 and it worked every time with different aircraft < Single "safe" way point < Milti way point

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The spot where the hangars are are not really roads. You can see that by disabling the map texture in the editor. For the AI the road part from the hangars to the taxiway is all grass (even though it visually looks like a road). So those roads do not contain predefined pathing points that the AI will recognise. For my jet mission I simply started the AI jets on the start of the taxiway to avoid this issue.

Pls look at this ticket for a solution.

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This is also true for drones and visible in the final showcase missions.

@ b00tsy i know its not mapped but it should thats why i made this as why would they have hangers if not for the use of it its like billions of dollars of fake money useless..

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+1. I remember in ArmA II, I put some AV-8Bs in hangars and they automatically taxi'd to the runway and took off, even though there were no roads coming from the hangars.

Good point the taxi waypointing isn't good. Try creating an ambient airtraffic taxi takeoff loop using land or land at - the AI on most airfields just land and then cut across the runways and head directly for the entry point of the runway they ignore any taxiways before taking off again. In most cases they either get damaged or stuck. Would be great if there were proper taxi takeoff land taxi takeoff waypoint loops. In particular we need park waypoints. If you give AI a get out waypoint at the airfields they just leave the plane in the middle of the runway which obviously isn't ideal.