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Name (and the german translation) of the "M_Titan_AP" is wrong
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Well "AP" stands für "Anti Personnel" right?

Ingame this ammo is named "Titan Rakete, panzerbrechend" in german and "amor piercing" in english. Both are wrong.

I think, the right name should be "Titan, multi purpose" or "anti personnel".
So, this ammo has no armor piercing capabilities. It combines fragmentation and explosive force.
In german we say "Mehrzweck" eg. (Titan Rakete, Mehrzweck)

Please fix it. {F22493}


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AD2001 added a comment.Oct 9 2013, 6:59 PM

This is supposed to be armor-piercing, but it doesn't pierce very well.

We have AT, we dont need any amor piercing.

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How this is supposed to be armour piercing when this is best to used against infantry?

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The devs wanted it to be armor piercing, but they didn't make it armor piercing for some reason.

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The in-game description?

In any case it's a bug, but it has already been reported:

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