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Ability to dynamicaly set searchPath parameter values (via scripting or command menu)
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Default Formation FSM includes some very basic level AI behaviours definition. Notably:


class Search_path__Covering
 name = "Search_path__Covering";
 class Init
  function = "searchPath";
  parameters[] = {10,5};
  thresholds[] = {};


the above "parameters[] = {10,5}" when modified make AI relax or tighten the distance in meters from an expectedDestination, at a given time, a certain member in a AI group will adopt when moving while in danger.

This is like a formation loosening factor. Allowing this to be dynamicaly set in a script to {0,0}, disregarding AI danger mode, would tighten the pathfinding of the unit.

This would assumingly present a solution to the infamous "AI takes too long to retreat" or such AI apparent disobedience behaviours or unresponsiveness (busy finding too wide a path), since the AI would then not deviate from expected formation position.

This would open the possibility to have such AI flexibility presented to the player via a commanding menu.


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It is maybe important to keep in mind this setting is currently affecting units by class inheritance of fsmFormation (ie. all). For this to be actually usefull, it would imply the ability to set this via script to arbitrary groups of units. Idealy even individual units could benefit from such a setting.

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