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Flaps and Stabs
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Flaps and Stabs on fixed wing aircraft do not visually move when grounded. Ounce taking off, and a certain speed, the flaps and stabs are than visually movable. It would be nice to be able to see the elevators, flaps and stabs moving even if the engine is off. For instance, doing a flight check on the tarmac, making sure all these components of the aircraft are moving before take off.


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Spawn in Buzzard on the runway. Go to third person, and start moving joystick, or using the keyboard to move wing elevators. Notice the only thing that does move is the Tail. Take off in third and you will begin to see the rest of the flaps and stabs moving. This needs to be fixed so all of the components are movable even on ground.

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Are you referring to the stabilisers, or mis-spelling slats?

Probably both. Hehe, but yes, the section on the wings, and the rear.

Unfortunately this ticket was so vague I didn't manage to find it when I looked for something similar a week ago (#15334). :(

I'll close this one as a duplicate of #15334 as it got assigned already.