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Show / Hide modules don't activate upon trigger conditions
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Show / Hide modules don't activate upon trigger conditions. Either this doesn't work as mission editors would think, or it doesn't work as intended. Either way it would be nice to have it "fixed".


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Steps To Reproduce

-Place some groups of Independents & some groups of Opfor.
-Place the show / hide module.
-Set it to Hide Units / Objects In Synchronized Triggers.
-Place a trigger that covers the pre-placed groups. (IE;300x300)
-Set the trigger to Blufor Not Present.
-Synchronize the trigger with the Show / Hide Module.
-Preview & see that when Blufor isn't present, it doesn't hide the units / groups.

NOTE: It will hide the units when the condition is, for example: "Anyone Present".
Additional Information

Standard / Typical Usage:
When Blufor Units (IE; The player in my SP mission) are not present in the trigger list, I simply want to hide (cache) any units in said trigger list, for maximum performance. When Blufor units (IE; The player in my SP mission) are present in the trigger list, I'd like to SHOW / Render the Independent & Opfor units within the list.

Makes sense right? Why wasn't the module designed with something this simple in mind?

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