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Slammer missing AA-machine gun (and other tank features missing)
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Which can also be used along with the coax if it gets damaged.
I had a dmg to the turret and basically the tank is useless the way it is. You can't even shoot with the MG because you have none on the roof which is impossible since it should be used to defend against Air threats.

Also, I think tank shouldn't have a radar but since we have it, we might as well use it as a warning (laser rangefinder is missing too so we could have laser rangefinder AND laser threat which is a passive sensor)

The driver turn out feature is missing. Driver has really too small field of view, need cameras or turn out to manouver.

It's impossible to have passengers on a tank, the slammer doesn't look an APC or IFV to me.

Servers shouldn't be allowed to switch position inside a tank. Not just because of specialty (gunner couldn't be a commander) but because of ROOM. There's no room to move in the turret.

Needless to say, the driver enters and is housed completely elsewhere, you can't switch between cmd/gnr and drvr it's impossible without getting out of the tank.


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Sidenote: TC MG is not for air threats any longer. Modern helicopter have good armor and fixed wing aircraft are way too fast.

Also, create one request per ticket. I'm not going to vote up because that would mean I agree with everything you say, and I don't.

PS. Slammer == Merkava. Merkava has a back compartment... Conclusion: It's not impossible. Q.E.D

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Sorry just learning :)