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uniform weight and inventory size exploited
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Maybe I am just too fussy, but something that has been bugging me, is ever since clothing has weight and inventory size values, I have noticed that people are trying to discover all kinds of ways to get the most of it by exploiting it in the wrong ways.

This leads to playing with a bunch of guys wearing nothing but their underwear, a backpack and a sniper rifle, so running around in their undies, they are able to sprint faster and for longer distances, and thats why majority of the snipers are guys in whites. Then there are those who wear the pilot overall, which apparantly can carry more items in the inventory than the standard uniform... -sigh- maybe I am just full of shit, I love the amount of detail put into by the devs, but this really just does breaks immersion and feels wrong.


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Yeah these kind of things probably need to be weighted should they be not acceptable so people can script out of the limitations or acceptable and people need to script limitations.