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Crosshair Control
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No matter what difficulty setting I never have complete control of the crosshair when shooting from the hip, so to speak (not ADS) It moves to the spot it chooses even if it means shooting into a pole. I know pointing and shooting at an enemy is different and it wont point at a pole, hopefully anyway. But for the higher difficulty settings, Vet and Elite, it should be completely disabled. Its annoying looking around and its flicking about distracting my eye.

Elite setting still has the option to enable crosshairs but does the same thing.
I do use ADS but for the GL I like crosshairs as it mighty hard to judge the ADS on that.

Please vote up to stop this madness at higher settings.

I looked for another post like this but couldn't find one please link it if there is and I will vote there.


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Look around at the environment with the crosshairs on while still.

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Well I'm afraid it is NOT resolved

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Dev branch.

@AD2001, I'm not using the Dev branch and it is noted so why are you voting on an issue that's not related to it. Go look your name up in the filter, man I lol'ed hard

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Well, it's resolved in the dev branch.

You can disable the crosshair in extended difficulty configuration for any difficulty, also, crosshair snapping can be disabled in options.

Changes from dev branch will eventually be ported to stable. Since this is a duplicate of #13989 I'm going to close this.