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Implement a global command for setobjecttexture
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Please, is there any chance of introducing a global command for setobjecttexture? There's issues getting the setobjecttexture command to work on uniforms in SP AS WELL AS MP missions. A command that would enable all clients to see custom uniforms would be fantastic.


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Not needed, because this can be scripted (or by using MP function) extremely easily.

+1 setObjectTextureGlobal, yeah would be handy.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 5:00 PM

Right, Gekkibi - I'm glad to hear it can be scripted so easily! I've set up loads of threads on different forums (some with 1000+ views) and no-one can tell me how it can be done. I had it working for a while, but since the latest fixathon patch it has stopped working. Here's one of the threads: Perhaps you can help? I'm not sure if it's a glitch or what, but I can't get it working! Also see: As well:

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@scott Ripley
Have you tried using BIS_fnc_MP for example? If you're one of those who think respawn is a great feature in missions ( I don't ;) ) then on respawn you just have to repeat it...

Edit: it seems you have.
Then a tiny script that uses variablespace and every time it changes (read: you respawn) all clients update the skin of that unit. Just an example...

I don't like re-spawns either! :p I'm putting[[S1,0,"Images\SAS_Uniform_01.paa"],"fnc_objecttexture",nil,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; in the init.sqf. But when I export the mission to SP scenarios, I'm finding everybody is in their underwear. I am also setting the textures in the unit's init lines with this setobjecttexture [0,"Images\SAS_Uniform_01.paa"]. But nevertheless, on the SP screnarios, no custom uniform! If you reckon a script that uses variablespace will sort out the problem I'll give it a go. Any chance you could post a working example though? I'm not a scripter - I've just got lumbered with a load of scripting tasks because our clan's lead scripter left! That said, I still think their might be a glitch with the setobjecttexture command... if I find out otherwise I'll close this thread.

Any suggestions?