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Crashing to desktop
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Ever since this new patch came out my game has started crashing about 20mins-1 hour of game play. Me along with all my friends usually crash at the same time in multiplayer. I do not get any causes for the crash just a little box that says "Arma 3 has stopped working" my friend says he gets a "physics.dll error". My game ran fine until the patch came out, and now I can't even play cause of the crashing please fix this issue!


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already reported, use search function please

Okay that is good to know I do know about the search function, but no matter how many people tell BI about this nothing gets done. One more compliant won't hurt them, and if it does I really don't care cause I paid them 60 bucks for an expensive beta.

Quotee from you: "Does BI even care that their game is almost unplayable right now? This is a HUGE issue that is absolutely destroying everyone's gaming experience, and they do nothing about it!! "


when was the update?
and what day is it today?
do you work on sundays?

Yes I do work on Sundays. What point are you trying to make? They release a unfinished game and take the weekend off? Stand behind them and try to justify this load of crap they dumped on the community all you want.

You react as if the game almost destroyed your live.
Be patient my young padowan.

btw if you want that they fix the problem fast it is better that you post your error logs in order for them to see what went wrong. (see f.e. issue 0015067 about crashes)

I act as any pissed off customer would act.