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Shop (abandoned) has bad collision model (fall through)
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It seems like every Shop (abandoned) building has a problem where you can fall into or even through the smaller second floor balcony.

In multiplayer you can even shift through the building into the room below through the seam between the balcony and the building because of latency.

Only Shop (abandoned) is affected, other shops seem to be fine. {F22386}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load repro mission or find an abandoned shop building on stratis or altis.
  2. Enter the shop, go upstairs and exit onto the smaller balcony.
  3. The right end of the balcony (looking from the balcony door) has the bug.
  4. Walk to the right end of the balcony and turn around.
  5. You should have fallen partly inside the balcony, stuck in a falling animation.

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this is the building that has major issues...

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