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The 'M6 SLAM mine' no longer detonates by the presence of foot soldiers.
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The 'M6 SLAM mine' no longer detonates by the presence of foot soldiers.
Is this correct?

I have a mission on steam that uses 300 randomly placed M6 SLAM mines which used to explode when walked over or near.
I need to know if I have to change all the mines to a different type in my mission, or if it will be fixed back to how it used to work.


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The Slam is a explosively-formed penetrator anti tank mine, with has multi-mode functionality in real life (side attack, bottom attack, timed demo charge, manual detonation) and is intended to be used against light and medium vehicles, so this change is correct.

It is meant to be used against vehicles and would not be useful against infantry in reality because it's just a single projectile shot out in front of the mine. The shell apparently is made of polymer, so you might get some shrapnel wounds on exposed skin and burns when it explodes next to you, but generally it should be ineffective against Infantry, and also should not be triggered by them.

aah cool thanks for that :-)
Looks like I have some mission editing to do :-s

I might open an issue on editing a multiple selection, 300 mines to replace lol

Thanks again :-)

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You can change the issue to close :-)
Thanks for the info instagoat


Would the mine still detect a passing human and explode?

Slams use a magnetic influence sensor that can not be triggered by humans. They also have a passive infrared sensor that detects vehicles by sensing the change in background temperature but I am not sure if the infrared signature of a human is enough to trigger the mine, too.

ok cheers I'm just clutching at straws trying to avoid amending my mission lol