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[REQUEST] Revamping The Respawn Templates
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I would propose some changes / fixes to the templates. (MenuPosition & menuInventory mainly)

  • When using a non-Icon marker such as ellipse or rectangle for the spawn position, the player or unit should spawn randomly within the marker instead of at it's center.
  • The (menuInventory)respawn menu should display the text of the marker or description of the object you want to spawn at, instead of grid coordinates. Grid coordinates should be the default if no text or description is defined.
  • Make RespawnOnStart work correctly. Atm it does nothing but randomly select one of the pre-defined loadouts (if using menuInventory) at the start of a mission. There's no spawn / loadout dialog or anything upon mission start atm.
  • MenuInventory - When defining the loadouts in the .ext ot .hpp, the categories should be more refined. Instead of seemingly random placing of items it should be specific. IE; BackPackItems , VestItems & UniformItems. This way the user can maximize / be precise with his or her loadout.

ATM, It stuffs things where it can fit & also counts chambered magazines as inventory mags. Always rendering the user one magazine shy in his or her inventory.

  • The editor placed Respawn Position Module isn't JIP compatible atm. It doesn't initialize for a JIP person & the spawn position is unavailable to that person. Usually I don't see initialization problems with editor placed objects & markers. They may not sync / update correctly without MP scripting, but they atleast always initialize at their default values if anything. Idk why the module isn't atleast there for a jip player...


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The concept of the respawn templates & such are great. It has the potential to give even novice mission designers the ability to make some really sleek, snazzy missions. Which in turn helps BIS over time. But, what's the point in spending the time implementing these things to begin with if they don't work as expected? Or even as intended in some instances. I speak for both the user & BIS in that regard.

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I agree with this. I also believe that the respawnTemplate EndMission does not work with Tickets (or at all possibly).

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Yeah. Real shame to have this go to waste. I mean, obviously it took time to make/impliment the respawnTemplates. Why just push it under the rug as "one of the things we'll have to live with"? I mean, it isn't just a matter of my preference.. The templates are broken.The non-Coding gurus lose again, and only with a broken respawn/loadout system there to tease us.