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AI Helicopter gunners only fire 1 round at a time with the cannon
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AI Gunners will only fire one round at a time when using their AWS (gun). They will pause for a second or so before then firing another round, as opposed to either firing a burst or just going full auto until the target has been killed/destroyed. This seems to be more common when you're in a closer range to the target (1000m or less would be my best guess)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into the Attack Helicopter showcase. When engaging the artillery pieces, the gunner will either not fire his cannon at all, or will fire a single shot, as opposed to a burst or full auto
  2. Place an AH-99 or Mi-48 in the editor, place random number of enemy infantry on the ground, and let the AI gunner attempt to engage the targets
Additional Information

Maybe in the future, have a burst limit, or have it so every time you pull the trigger, the gun will fire a minimum 10 round burst, that can be adjusted to 10-20-50-100 rd bursts, much like that of a real life AH-64D

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