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Weapon Does not do Realistic damage
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All weapons seem to not get thru the Body armour of enemy combatants and friendlies alike,with and without Extended armour enabled. This includes bullets 5.56 6.2 etc from very close range. one well placed shot center of mass should be able to take out the enemy. I suggest an update that includes vital locations such as location of lungs heart, stomach be mapped and introduced, if your hit in the mapped locations you die or are incapacitated in a realistic matter of time that a real human would be if hit in the location. being hit in the stomach you do not die instantly unlike say heart or aorta, femoral, iliac,and brachial well as the shattering of sternum when hit etc. When a soldier gets hit center of mass the bullet will put you down, in the simulation it does not, and I believe needs to be fixed .as all games if you shoot them in the head yes they go down, lets make the center of mass the same way.


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Currently 5.56 and 7.62 rounds do not penetrate standard issue body armor in the US Armed Forces. Though there is a high probability of 7.62 breaking ribs with body armor on.

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Surely that depends upon the range Icy? A 7.62mm round? What's your source? I'm not saying you're wrong but - I'm very surprised! I thought you'd get penetration with that, and broken ribs with a 5.56mm? Perhaps we could have an Arma field day and try it all out! :p

You guys also have not seen the M855A1 rounds now deployed standard to Afghanistan, they outperform a standard 7.62 but in a 5.56 config, they do not have any lead but use a copper jacket instead and the accuracy and stopping power are greatly increased in this armour piercing round.This round ships with intent on use in standard issue rifles such as the current m16 and m4.and yes the round is standard issue not some special thing so id bet this will cut thru a typical vest like warm butter

Done a bit of research and yeah, I stand corrected. 7.62 can be stopped with armour plates. Downvoted. However, I do feel suppressors make weapons too weak. To be honest - there are a lot variables here!

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The damage model needs some work. Especially the terrible damage "bleeding" between hitboxes.

If you get hit in the arm your chest and even your head will take damage and vice versa.

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