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Weapons ironsights issue
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When you are holding a rifle (or any weapon capable to have extra optics) with attached optics on it, the ironsights are by default flipped down (in order not to disrupt optics sight).

If you drop the weapon on ground then you will notice that the ironsights (back and front) are now flipped up with additional optics still attached.

Same issue occuring for any weapon addon based to original (at least for my addons this happening). {F22312}


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Put on editor a blufor side rifleman ... note the ironsights together with ACO attached on the rifle ... drop the rifle to the ground using inventory ... take a look of the rifle on the ground ... ironsights are flipped up and the ACO is still attached.

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May I ask something: who the hell cares how their weapons look when dropped on the ground?

Anyone (modder especially) who wants this game improved I guess ... probably not you.