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Explosives and mines should be detonated by a grenade
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Anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines do not react to a grenade explosion. This is not realistic. Because of this, there is no way to disable the mines from a safe distance.


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#12482(c4) and #6096(explosives and mines) are related to this issue

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We are talking about the interaction of explosives with a grenade, which is absent.

Agreed, I removed the mention of duplicate. You might still want to mark them as related tough.

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no, c4 can't be exploded with grenade. go read something about before you report!

I'm not sure what to detonate the C4. But the anti-tank mines and anti-personnel mine definitely needs to interact with a grenade, as the explosion of a grenade creates all the necessary conditions for the destruction of mines, such as pressure, temperature and shrapnel damage.

CHykis: Here is a question not only of C4, please do not be nervous.

if mines have c4 as an explosive component so it can't be exploded too mate. if something not so stable - yes, it can be.

I'm nervous because you create ticket for detonate c4 with ways it can't be.

At the moment, anti-tank mines and anti-personnel mines only interact with explosives (C4, explosive satchel), and provided that the mine has got some bullets, it does not cause problems. But there is no interaction with a grenade.

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"But the anti-tank mines and anti-personnel mine definitely needs to interact with a grenade, as the explosion of a grenade creates all the necessary conditions for the destruction of mines, such as pressure, temperature and shrapnel damage. "

Got a source?

CKykis: I remind you once again that it is about the interaction of grenades with explosives, not just C4. What is relevant here are created by me earlier ticket? You should be more polite I think.

Gekkibi: If the mine is being undermined by the interaction with a bullet or bomb, why it should not interact with a grenade, call the cause?

"Common sense" -argument, eh? Sorry, I don't believe your common sense unless you can provide us with credible evidence to support your claim.

Before you can provide it, I have no reason to believe you can detonate explosives with grenades and bullets in real life.

Here is an example: You set a land mine with a tight wire (if you touch the taut wire, the mine will explode.) Then you throw a grenade next to mine, the explosion of the grenade hitting hurt taut wire, then the mine explodes. This is common sense. It is clear to all things, I suppose.

You can't use your example with pressure/detonator type explosives... Surely your common sense says that?

Gekkibi: Hand grenade explosion generates a pressure of about 80 kilograms per square centimeter at a distance of 5 meters, which is enough to trigger the mines with pressure fuse.


Give me evidence that supports your claim and I'm willing to stand corrected. The burden of proof is on the one making the claim (you).

Name of the video: antitank grenade.
No mention what exactly happens in the video. No mention what was thrown, nothing.

You could copy the movie and change the topic to "exploding chicken eggs".

You may be of the same mind and the next, I'm not going to convince you. If a mine is triggered by falling bullets and explosives, it also explodes by a grenade here do not need proof, as it obvious. Anti-personnel mine (pressure sensor) also explode if it drops a stone weighing a few pounds. On it you will also need proof?...

"If a mine is triggered by falling bullets and explosives..."
Yes. "IF"! You're making an _assumption_ that this is the case. If you're unable to back your claims with evidence, then there's no real reason to claim it is so...

I think that if you can not provide evidence that this is not possible, it is also a proof that this is possible, is not it :) (according to your logic).

  1. Mines (pressure) from the grenade will explode, as garnet in the center of the explosion generates a pressure of about 100 kilograms per square centimeter (maybe more).
  2. Mines (wire stretching) from the grenade will explode, as grenade creates a blast wave and fragmentation effect that will have an impact on a wire stretching.
  3. Mines (heat sensor) from the grenade will explode, as the explosion of a grenade is an increase in temperature.
  4. Mines (magnetic sensor) from the grenade will explode if you throw it close enough, as it is made of metal.

You can deny it?...

Are you seriously going to shift the burden of proof over to me?! It's like saying that "prove to me there isn't a celestial teapot orbiting between Mars and Earth. You can't, therefore there is"! The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. You're making a claim, I'm demanding satisfactory evidence. This is how it goes in real world.

You made 4 claims. Now provide _evidence_ to back those up. Give me an article or an actual test )with more than just a topic "antitank grenade") that demonstrates you can detonate mines by throwing grenades at them.

I think that the people involved in ACE knows more about it than we are. If they did, this was a good reason. I showed you 4 points that explains why this is possible, in principle, but that is not enough. As proof of this is not possible of arguments, there are suggestions are based on the assumption that in real life, you can destroy a mine with a device "Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System", which undermines the mines by shrapnel charges (like grenades). There is also a video (unfortunately I can not find) which demonstrate how the M1A2 tank gunner undermines the anti-tank mine with a machine gun 7.62 mm. There is no evidence that God exists, but that does not mean that it is not.

No. You listed 4 claims that didn't explain anything but your opinions how they should be. If you can provide concrete evidence (not just your opinions) that this is actually true then I would be more than happy to admit I was wrong.

Don't bring any deities into this discussion, especially if you don't understand how burden of proof works, and because it would have absolutely nothing to do with blowing explosives with grenades...

Do you think that the explosion pressure rises, flying debris, the temperature rises, and the fact that the grenade consists of a metal is fiction? Why did you decide that I have to prove to you that this is not fiction?

I'm not claiming that the pressure don't rise. I'm not claiming that there are no flying debris. I'm not claiming that the temperature don't rise. I'm not claiming that the grenade is not ferromagnetic.

On the other hand, you are claiming that the pressure can detonate pressure triggers. You are claiming that there are enough flying debris that can detonate some explosives. You are claiming that the temperature will activate temperature triggers. You are claiming that the grenade will have big enough magnetic field that it will activate magnetic detonators.

It is important to understand that the hand grenade is not a New Year's fireworks. In the hand grenade contains enough explosive solid matter, which could have a devastating impact on the explosives are a few centimeters from a hand grenade. If you are interested in the details of the explosion occurring processes, you can study them yourself in more detail. The same is not required to spread links not relevant to the subject.

I know very well that hand grenades go bang. I have throwed some real ones too. You're using strawman arguments all the time.

I'd like to ask one last time: I don't really care what you think will happen when hand grenade explodes near explosives if you're not willing or able to back your claims with evidence. Link a youtube video where a hand grenade detonates explosives, and that it's possible to identify the device is actually a hand grenade. Anything, not just your common sense (once common sense said that the Earth is flat or that the Sun revolves around the Earth).

If you're unable to provide evidence when asked, you must step off and reassess your claims.

Which is it?

What is the schockwave velocity of a hand grenade?

As some use RDX and TNT (Composite B if I am not mistaken?) the blast velocity is over 8000m/s.

How much is required for C4? Anyone got info about the blasting cap shockwave velocity?