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Self propelled artillery vehicles can fly!
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A whole new meaning to "Self-propelled artillery"

As of the latest Dev build the Sochor (maybe others) self-propelled artillery has a bit of a bug when firing.

once you fire the gun you can see the barrel shoot back (visual recoil compensation) however it shoots back a little too much because when you aim up at say 60-80 degrees and then fire, the barrel shoots back, going through the underbelly of the vehicle and hitting the ground, literally propelling the vehicle meters into the sky.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. get the Sochor vehicle.
  1. hold "page up" until the gun reaches maximum elevation.
  1. fire the gun.
  1. take note that you are several meters in the air.
  1. (Optional) immediately after firing the gun press "Escape" and enter the camera. move the camera to view the vehicle. Play in slowmo and watch as the barrel propels the vehicle into the air.
Additional Information

The is dev build

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oh thanks for the info

wasn't sure if someone already reported this, my bad

couldn't find anything relating to it when i searched

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As this is fixed now and #14929 is closed you can close this issue.
(Using the close button next to 'monitor')

26-09-2013 Sochor and Scorcher dangerous recoil fixed